Sunday, February 20, 2011

Treasure hunting

For the past year our family has been in the process of cleaning out my grandparents' home. We went to help with the process this weekend and grabbed a few great things that had to come home with us.

This rug is HUGE! And I love it. We are still in need of rugs in most of our rooms so it was a welcome addition.

I have no idea what you would call this but it's a bottle with a carved leather casing. I need to find a bar cart to set-up with this little guy.

This cute little ceramic container will easily find a new home.

This ecclectic elephant bookshelf is really unique and will look great when filled with books.

A vintage luggage rack will find a place in our guest bedroom.

And this side table. I haven't decided what to do with it yet but the lovely daisies and flowers will be getting a makeover. We had a busy weekend with traveling and packing up, but happy to come home with a few treasures!

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