Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No sew bed skirt

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a bed skirt! I'm hoping to do a master bedroom reveal in a few weeks but I'm still working on bringing this room together (including the beding and art work). Blogging really makes me step up my game and do those things I meant to do a long time ago! Apparently, it's helping others too. I received the nicest email from a fan - ha. It's cool my head isn't that big. Actually, the hub's sweet coworker sent me an email of some projects that she got done this weekend and said I was her inspiration! What an honor to motivate others!
Well this project should get the rest of you motivated too - it took me about an hour and a half and cost around $15.00. Come on! You can't beat that. Is it not fab?

No sew hem tape is the bomb.com, people. Seriously, it has opened up a whole new world for this gal. My friend, Meg, tells me there is also a fabric glue that works miracles - that might possibly be even easier if you don't have to iron it!

Ok, down to business. I wanted my bed skirt to have a pleat so I "hemmed" (yes, I use the word very losely) the panel that would go behind the pleat. Since I was using a geometric pattern I already had enough lines to match up so I picked a simple solid. Notice the ugly mattress peeking out that tormented me for so long.

All you need to do is measure carefully. The length of the area I wanted to cover was 74 inches so each panel needed to be 37 inches long. Here is the first one going up.

With the tape you have to fold the fabric over and simply place a damp towel over it before ironing on each side for 10 seconds. It's so very easy.

Here's an example of what one panel looked like after I completely dominated it! Boo yah.

Here's one last look at the finished product. I will admit that they are slightly ghetto for one reason and I'll share my dirty little secret with you. I simply slid these bad boys between the box spring and the mattress. Nothing is even holding them there other than the weight of the mattress (and me watching a DVR of Jersey Shore). I've seen online where people safety pin them, make them into "real" bed skirts, or staple gun them to a piece of wood that wedges in between. I'll get to that nonsense one day but for now I'm out of safety pins and they are staying just fine thanks to a generous length. Ok, you are right. It's not THAT ghetto. Well how about the fact that I only did it on one side since the other side faces the wall?

Now, what a difference did my one-sided, ghetto bed skirt make?

Enjoy pretties. I'm hoping to learn how to make pillows. Actually, what I'm really hoping is that my mother will learn how to and offer to make me some (hint, hint, wink, wink). This is also a test to see if she's reading this thing...


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