Monday, February 28, 2011

Secrets from a Stylist

I'm loving this room styled by Emily Henderson, winner of HGTV's Design Star. It's Hollywood Regency meets Country Club chic and I dig it.

That upholstered deco sofa is awesome and I heart the bronze horse statute.

I also love how the curtains show off the amazing architecture of the doors and windows.
You should check out Emily's new show, Secrets from a Stylist, that premiered this past Saturday on HGTV. I haven't seen it yet but can't wait to check it out.

Here is another view of the room (below). The screen on the wall is pretty cool but I would have loved to see a large painting in this room somewhere; something that could bring together the punchy blue, pink and gold.

And here is the room styled differently and in blue. I like both looks.

I can't wait to watch her new series! In the mean time we've turned our "design" focus to the outdoors. We spent hours yesterday pulling weeds and working on a plan for our poor neglected yard, BUT it was a perfect day to be outside and we followed it up with grilling out and a glass of wine on the patio by candlelight. Fun times.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alternative sunburst and new paitning

Everyone loves a good sunburst mirror.

But sunbursts are hugely popular and can get a little over played. Read these hilarious posts by My Favorite and My Best on design trends/offenses/classics (the first post includes sunbursts mirrors). I warn you that the language could be offensive to some but I find it hilarious!
Post 2

So here is my alternative to the overplayed/used sunburst:

It is green mosaic and it is rad. It would look great in this guest bedroom at Young House Love. I know Laura, the artist, does commissions and you can get this cute sunburst in any color to match your own decor.

And here is my new painting that I picked up last night after having the canvas secured and new hanging wire attached. It was a thrift store find that I painted over.

It's now hanging over our bed. Our bedroom is slowly coming together!

What do you think?

Have an awesome Friday.

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Spring is in the air, Part Deux

It seems like everything is starting to bloom around here even though winter is not quite over yet. We still have some cold nights but let's get ready to embrace spring!

Snag a handful of branches to place in a vase for your mantel or a table. They look beautiful with just the buds or blooming.


Sit down and pick up a paint brush or visit a local artist (or find one online) for inspiration.

via Etsy

Hang some fresh wallpaper that will keep you smiling all year long.

Both wallpaper images via Fromental
(but first seen by this gal on Sketch 42)

Find that perfect blooming rug...


Or perhaps make a small investment like a new fresh bath mat from DKNY

Maybe you like something eclectic like this:


There are so many ways to welcome spring into your home and life. I know I can't wait to snag a few branches to pluck into my home. I am also excited to bare my legs without tights this week! Thank you 60/70 degree weather. We are going to a wedding this weekend and I'm going to wear a pink dress similar to this one...

How's that for feeling springy?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring is in the air

It is BEAUTIFUL in South Carolina today. Warmer weather brings lot of things to mind like shaving my legs, storing sweaters, getting ready for a bikini (eek!), etc. It also makes me think about how pitiful our yard is looking. It is in need of some serious work.

via Coastal Living

I wish this was my backyard. Who says design is all about interiors? I could read a book in that plantation chair and before too long I would need this:

So I could then take a restful nap on that daybed.

That's where I wish I was on a sunny spring day like today. I also wish we had plans like this for our yard...what about you?

Have a lovely afternoon. XOXO

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Treasure hunting

For the past year our family has been in the process of cleaning out my grandparents' home. We went to help with the process this weekend and grabbed a few great things that had to come home with us.

This rug is HUGE! And I love it. We are still in need of rugs in most of our rooms so it was a welcome addition.

I have no idea what you would call this but it's a bottle with a carved leather casing. I need to find a bar cart to set-up with this little guy.

This cute little ceramic container will easily find a new home.

This ecclectic elephant bookshelf is really unique and will look great when filled with books.

A vintage luggage rack will find a place in our guest bedroom.

And this side table. I haven't decided what to do with it yet but the lovely daisies and flowers will be getting a makeover. We had a busy weekend with traveling and packing up, but happy to come home with a few treasures!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A playroom inspired by the jungle

A friend of mine recently painted this for her daughter's playroom. I think it turned out beautiful! I wanted to post it for you but I thought it might be fun to design a bright citrus themed playroom to go around this fun painting.

For your base, start off with this great rug via Anthropologie here. It's actually fairly reasonable in Anthro Land at $295 for a 5' round rug. A rug is a great way to shape a room if you don't know where to start. I'll use orange, green, yellow and purple as my main colors in the room to bring it all together!

Layer in a pair of orange accent tables from World Market.

A great desk painted purple....

add a ghost chair (what little girl doesn't need her own ghost chair?)

And place an industrial style lamp on the desk for homework....

Hang long flowy curtains in this Waverly fabric.

A pair of yellow lamps (I realize these may not be very kid proof! ha. But you can purchase any lamps that go with our color scheme or even a neutral accent like black, white or navy. You can also repurpose something you already own and paint it)

Throw in a couple of orange giraffe patterned pillows on your sofa...

along with these yellow chevron pillows from etsy.

Hang this adorable pendant light via here.

Find a nook for a fun brightly painted drawing table. Look for something on Craig's List, thrift stores or your attic and spray paint it!

A couple of pink poufs from Calypso via Danielle Oakley Interiors. Danielle did a great post today on Calypso rugs. Check it out.

Don't forget a few giraffe hooks for hanging jackets and dress up clothes! Also from Anthro

My friend's little girl's favorite color is purple so this giraffe needs to go into the mix somewhere. Also via Anthro

Have a bright Friday!!


PS - the hubs gave me "Photoshop for Dummies" as one of my V-day gifts. One day I WILL learn how to use photoshop and make pretty layouts...

Dresser inspiration

I picked up another dresser recently that needs a makeover for our guest bedroom. Here are some inspiration shots that I've found.
Dorothy Draper. I'm not crazy about the gold paint but a solid black dresser with gold ring pulls would be pretty awesome.

A bold show stopper!

A whimsical stencil. via Lena Corwin

Wallpapered. This is gorgeous. via 1stdibs

Peacock blue! via

Add a greek key trim and paint a glossy white!

So many options. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Well-Dressed Home

This sweet surprise showed up on my doorstep yesterday from my bf who is the most fashionable girl I know! It is a beautiful book by Annette Tatum, a textile designer, entrepreneur and blogger. Take a look at her home, children and nursery collections. I can't wait to sit down and read through this colorful book.

Here is an image of Annette in her home (via HGTV blog). I know what you're thinking, I wanna live there too. Hellooooooo, beautiful wall paper and high ceilings.

COCOCOZY did a great interview with Annette here.

Thanks to my bf, Kate, for all of your inspiration!