Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving a wall oven

Happy Monday morning! Below is a glimpse at what our kitchen looked like when we first saw it. The kitchen is open to the breakfast area and den. If you remember my post on wood paneling
then you will realize that this main area of the house was ALL wood. There was even wood paneling for the back splash. The previous owner also really liked to have access to as many outlets as possible; notice the power strip above the counter top. Obviously, a kitchen remodel was in our future. The HUGE plus was the awesome lay out. We really wanted a kitchen island and an open floor plan so you have to remember that it's all about "good bones."

I picked the above picture because it's the only one I can find that showed the original oven on the left hand side (everything in this picture was owned by the previous owner). We were going to replace it with a new oven in the same spot until I realized that it was SO tiny that only one casserole dish could fit inside so it had to go. Since the cabinets were solid wood we decided to save some serious dough and keep them. The only problem is that we were left with a huge hole to fill.

What to do? Well we love a good glass of red wine so a wine rack immediately came to mind. My engineer husband drew up very elaborate plans and got to work! We went to my in-laws where hubs and his dad made a box frame that we slipped right into the existing frame of the old cabinet. Who knew the hubs could do carpentry? Now that I think about it more projects are coming to mind...a coffee table with wide wood planks maybe? I digress, here is what that empty hole looks like after a few coats of paint. I now have a book shelf for cookbooks and a place to store plenty of wine!

Time for the best part and the "elaborate" thing that I mentioned above. The cabinet is actually on rollers/supports (I have no idea what the technical name is for this) that allow us to store MORE alcohol behind the wine. I believe the whole thing can hold up to 200 lbs. We sound like total alcoholics and that's ok; we like to have a good time and always ready to entertain on a moment's notice. You never know when a celebration might be in order! So instead of a bar cart, I have my secret hidden stash below. My friends and I joke that we should really keep all of our valuables there because a thief would never think to pull out the wine cabinet. It's the first thing my hubs shows a new guest and it definitely WOWs.

(Obviously, we do not have young children hence the showy display of cooking knives).

Do you have a problem spot that creativity helped find a solution?


PS - Before the Super Bowl I spent an hour and a half to make a bed skirt for $15 with the fabric I bought last week! I also started a new painting but this one is for my bedroom. I can't wait to show it to you...stay tuned.


  1. Your hubby mentioned this wine rack awhile ago, but it was hard to imagine how neat it looks without the picture. What a handy guy!

  2. It is hard to describe without actually seeing it! Thank goodness for a handy man and father-in-law!