Thursday, January 27, 2011

Original art work and LeRoy Neiman

Do you remember this post on tripod lamps? Well here is a glimpse of the Craig's List lamp in my living room. I love the height on it but I can't decide on the shade. I'm almost tempted to cover it with a fun fabric. The black trunk is from my grandmother's house and there are actually two of them stacked up. After many years in a closet it's nice to see them with new life! I accidentally locked one and guess what? We have no idea where the keys are so they are definitely for display purposes only at this point. I wish we could still travel with something that looks so romantic. Yes? It makes me want to get a horse and buggy - I was so born in the wrong era.

The horse picture above the trunk is a piece I did way back in high school after going to watch the Stadium Jumping round of Olympics in Atlanta. I saw this picture in an ad and decided to use it in art class. The technique is called pointillism which means the whole thing was made with a pen making little itty bitty dots. It was infuriating and took forever!

I have another horse piece (scroll on down) that I did and it currently lives in our guest bedroom. My inspiration came from LeRoy Neiman who was the official artist at 5, FIVE (that's a ton, people!) Olympiads. Check out his work if you're not familiar with it. You can buy some freakin' cool posters for $50 bucks. Like this guy would look pretty sweet in the right kitchen. You can purchase it here.

Does your husband love golf? Put this in his office. Frame it with a simple solid black frame and viola you've got some really interesting art in your home.

I'm always drawn to blues and really like this sailboat (below). Btw, obviously these posters do not have "LeRoy Neiman" across them but I got them directly from his website.

LeRoy Neiman was widely known for his large colorful pieces with huge glops of paint which equals lots of texture. If you have a hobby, I promise that LN did a painting of it so you can definitely find something that you will like. Well unless you just hate his style and then we probably shouldn't be friends.

And here is the one I did from the Breeders' Cup. The huge book resting on my bamboo dresser catalogs a lot of LeRoy's pieces.

It resembles this piece by LN. I like to find inspiration through other paintings but they definitely need to be my own.

Here is the same painting in my first home before it was framed. Forgive the wilting money branches (I don't know the technical name for this plant but the leaves look like coins). As you can see I was a LOT bolder with my wall colors at the old house. I thought the new house should be more sophisticated but now I'm getting the urge to go bold again. Hopefully hubs is not reading this and breaking out into a cold sweat...anyway....

One more horse piece that I did for my dear friend Sarah.

Today is Thursday and I wish it was Friday. The fun thing about Thursday though is I always paint on Thursdays! Hopefully I'll finish my big ol' abstract that I started last week and be able to move on to a new piece. I'll be sure to post it for you when I do.

Have a lovely day.


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