Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a Friday kind of post


I had 30 hits yesterday and that makes me excited (sad, right?), but apparently not so excited that I give you a wonderful post today. I had some technological issues this AM followed by rushing off to a FOUR hour deposition. My brain be fried...

But all is not lost! We have lots to look forward to and this blog idea continues to expand every day. We have guest blogs, home projects, home tours, gallery tours, wine blogs, and LOTS of art planned so that everyone can learn to incorporate art into your own home, appreciate design, know what to drink while decorating, yada yada.

For today I am doing that really lame thing that bloggers do when they don't have time - post a pretty picture. Ok, I lied. How about a controversial picture? YES, much more interesting. Edouard Manet shocked the French public by exhibiting Déjeuner sur l'herbe ("Luncheon on the Grass") in 1863:

I know what you are thinking. THIS shocked a whole country? While a nude in a classical setting (think nude Greek Gods) was considered acceptable, one in a contemporary setting was not(think nude woman having lunch in a park with men). But it gets more interesting, the nude woman has the face of Manet's favorite model but the plumper body of his future wife. He actually used both as models. Can you say rude? That's what I'm thinking if I'm future wifey. The men are Manet's brother and his future bro-in-law. Kind of creepy, right?

But guess who loved it and rallied behind him? A young group of artists that would later be come known as the Impressionists. Absorb significance please.

Enjoy Manet's last painting and read a great article on it here. I have one question for you - Is that a mirror with her reflection? Look closely. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

One last thing about art. Every piece tells a story and sometimes the story is more colorful, captivating, intriguing or romantic than the picture itself. Learn to appreciate fine art so that you can then find every day art all around you.

I hope your weekend is colorful!!


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  1. I'm reading this morning over a BIG cup of coffee (not vino), but I'd have to say its not a mirror because the wine/champagne bottles on the right side don't match the reflection, right?

    what I want to know is who is the she-man in the background? My eyes are first drawn to the woman in the front but then to the sketchy person hunched over behind them. Honestly, I just don't get it. But the second one--love it! The detail, pop of orange up front, and her outfit--which I'm guessing is a uniform? Good stuff --keep it coming!