Friday, January 21, 2011

My painting and Asheville

So last night I got to town on painting as promised. Again, here is my inspiration from Martha Stewart:

I love that this painting is on a large square canvas; just the shape of it makes it seem so much more modern. Here is my progress at the beginning of the night. The colors are a little darker in this image:

After having a lot of fun with this painting I stopped here. I took this image with my cell phone so the quality is not very good and the colors are off. I'm not quite done with it yet but I wanted to show the progress! I'll try to get a better picture up soon.

7 more hours until the weekend...I'm hoping to find time to add a link on this site with before and after pictures of our 1960s home. Rock on. We put a LOT of work into it and you seriously will not believe that it is the same house.

We are also heading to Asheville tomorrow to meet my very best friend for some Biltmore action, shopping, art, wine and dinner. We are staying at the Hotel Indigo so we will be able to walk everywhere. If you are ever in Asheville be sure to check out the old Woolworth Building for the Woolworth Walk. It has two stories of local art at great prices. I am a big fan of Eric Legge and Dennis Ruane. Check out Eric's mountains, faces and flowers in pastels (I own and love one of his florals) and Dennis does amazing sculptures. I hope to purchase one soon! I would like to visit his studio in Marshall, NC but I have a hard time getting in touch him. I do own one of his hand carved wooden spoons that I cook with almost every day. The spoons make wonderful and unique gifts.

Check out the amazing bases and the grain of the wood. Tres chic! In case you're curious, I find his prices to be very reasonable. If - that's a big if - I remember correctly, his large sculptures at Woolworth were in the $250-350 range.

You should also check out Oliver's Southern Folk Art while you are in Asheville. He has an exceptional gallery/collection of self taught artist. And I just checked out his page and forgot that Oliver closed his doors in December to retire. You can still purchase his pieces at the Slotin Auction House in May or November of this year (just in case you are interested). Folk art doesn't appeal to everyone but you should look into the stories of the artists. It's fascinating.

On a side note, collecting art is all about buying something that YOU love. Please leave me a comment if you would like to know more about finding and buying local art in your community or any other thoughts on what you would like to see on this blog.

On that note, have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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