Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adventures of a lawyer

What to blog about....if I didn't have to work then I would be taking pictures and uploading them for you. But today I left the house at 7 AM and drove to Edgefield, SC for a hearing. The Edgefield County Courthouse is beautiful and looks pretty much the same as it did 200 years ago. I love it. The present brick courthouse was constructed in 1839. The architect, Charles Beck, was an associate of Robert Mills, the best-known architect of antebellum South Carolina. Mills’s most famous building is the Washington Monument. Although Mills did not design the Edgefield County Courthouse, it is one of the best examples of Mills’s style. There is a plaque on the courthouse that tells the story of a woman acquitted for the murder of her husband; she later married one of the jurors. Interesting, eh?

The statue in front is the very famous, or infamous, Strom Thurmond who ran for president as a Dixiecrat in 1948 and 46-year South Carolina Senator. Since this blog is not about SC history (or gossip) I hope I have not bored you but it's not every day I get to drive to Edgefield.

On my way home I was able to stop by Happy Cow Creamery, which is conveniently on the way back from Edgefield, where I bought local meat, cheese, sour cream, milk, grits (we're in the South, y'all), rice, potatoes and eggs. There is nothing better than fresh, wholesome, preservative-free food. YUM. For anyone who doesn't know about grits, you should make them. The secret is to use chicken broth instead of plain water and a little bit of cream or milk (or a lot if you're me). Finish off with butter and cheese. You can even make them fancy by using Parmesan, Fontina, Asiago, pepper jack or any "fancy" cheese; although I usually just go with a nice sharp cheddar. You can eat grits any time of the day. I prefer them with seafood served along side veggies or the classic shrimp and grits. I didn't eat a lot of grits growing up because for some reason I was obsessed with Cream of Wheat. Who didn't love that salty, buttery goodness? Ok, I realize I might be alone here...

Is anyone else getting hungry?

ART - I will be painting tonight and promise to upload a picture or two for you (see my first blog EVER from yesterday). I'm using a 36" square canvas so it's a big 'un. I took pictures of a few of my pieces last night but the lighting was not good at all so I want to try again this weekend during the day.

And painting is a great excuse to drink WINE. I used to love Pinot Noirs but lately they've been too sweet for me and I tend towards the Malbecs, Cabs and blends these days. This Malbec by Alamos is one of my favorite inexpensive bottles. Try it. You won't regret it.

I'm off to paint!!! XOXO

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