Thursday, January 27, 2011


Talking about LeRoy Neiman made me think of this wonderful bottle of champagne by Duval-Leroy. LeRoy, the MAN, designed this label. Seriously, if you have a special occasion coming up then this is what you need. It's delicious and you should hold onto that bottle because it's a piece of art in itself!

It even comes with an amazing box - that's high class, people!

Does anyone know how to put an accent on the "e"?
Well just pretend until I figure out how...

Sante, pronounced sahn-tay, is French for "to your health"/cheers. Say this when you toast if you want to be cool. It's that're welcome.

à tout à l'heure!!


  1. You are speaking my language--wine and Neiman! Check out Hotel des Artistes in NYC, where Neiman lives, paints and gets his inspiration--also former home to Norman Rockwell.

    Santé girl--you rock.

  2. I need your uncle to do a post on Neiman! I can't wait to check out more on Hotel des Artistes...