Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tripod lamps and craig's list

One thing you will discover about me is that I love my buddy Craig and all of those treasures on his wonderful list. Yesterday I bought two wooden tripod lamps with adjustable legs. The best part was I got them for $50 for the pair and the seller was able to meet me downtown at the local Public. I always recommend that you meet sellers in a public place (if anyone watches Lifetime then you know what I'm talking about). The lamps look similar to this one that retails for about $400 (plus shipping, plus tax):

I'll be sure to post pictures once they've found a place in my home but you can enjoy these for now:

Yes, please! And I'll take that adorable puppy and chic coffee table as well.

My husband would love this room...maybe I'll show it to him before I tell him about the new lamps...

If anyone is in the Upstate of South Carolina then here is my favorite find on Craig's List today:

If I were to buy this I would leave the table or take it to Miracle Hills for a tax deduction OR try to bargain for a cheaper price (I LOVE to negotiate). I would paint the chairs, replace the upholstery and put them around a large rectangular table with two different (yet coordinating) chairs at the head of the table.

The ultimate effect would be something like this:

Do you likey? This is a little too perky for my taste...unless I had a beach house and then we would be talking!

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