Monday, January 31, 2011

Painted Chest of Drawers

Remember this guy that I bought off of Craig's List last week?

I started with two coats of B-I-N primer tinted a light grey with the same shade of black from my paint. This primer gets rid of any odor and seals stains. The key part is it avoids sanding! All you need to do is thoroughly clean the dresser and give it a couple of hours to dry.

Here it is all primed and ready to go!

I used wood putty to fill all of the tiny nail holes, scratches and dings.

I applied two coats of Martha Stewart Silhouette in high gloss.

And here she is!

Here is a close up...I love the brass hardware.

I've got some things top place on top but I'll have to wait for the paint to completely cure. I might get a sheet of glass cut to place on top as well to make sure the paint stays protected.

What do you think? Have a wonderful Monday.



  1. Hey Jen,
    This dresser looks awesome! I didn't know you were so handy!

    Shannon Dobbins

  2. Thanks Shannon! It was a really fun project!

  3. This chest is based on "Campaign" furniture which was designed to be carried along with traveling armies on military campaigns. British officers of the 1800s expected a high standard of living while serving in Africa and India, and this portable style of furniture was developed to meet their needs. Thus the heavy brass hardward pulls (often flush on antique chests) and brass reinforced corners protected the pieces from damage in transit. The antique pieces are very pricey and the clean lines are modern and timeless.

  4. Kenneth, what great information! I've often seen the "campaign" style but did not know the history. The seller tried to tell me this piece was an antique but I was not fooled. ha. You've taught me well, Sensei!

  5. The chest is beautiful. Love the blog even though I don't possess a decorating bone in my body. I especially enjoy the humorous references to your hubby.

    Sara Brooks

  6. Sara, glad you enjoy the references and the chest! I don't believe you for a minute on zero decorating bones though. XOXO

  7. Love this Jen! I'm so impressed by your vision for things. Keep up the good work and please keep sharing things you are doing. :) XO