Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alternative sunburst and new paitning

Everyone loves a good sunburst mirror.

But sunbursts are hugely popular and can get a little over played. Read these hilarious posts by My Favorite and My Best on design trends/offenses/classics (the first post includes sunbursts mirrors). I warn you that the language could be offensive to some but I find it hilarious!
Post 2

So here is my alternative to the overplayed/used sunburst:

It is green mosaic and it is rad. It would look great in this guest bedroom at Young House Love. I know Laura, the artist, does commissions and you can get this cute sunburst in any color to match your own decor.

And here is my new painting that I picked up last night after having the canvas secured and new hanging wire attached. It was a thrift store find that I painted over.

It's now hanging over our bed. Our bedroom is slowly coming together!

What do you think?

Have an awesome Friday.

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