Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get 'em while they're HOT!

The following crazy awesome posts on chairs are from Craigslist in Greenville, SC
(where I live peeps)

These chairs are BEYOND awesome! Awesome. I heart them. I think it's the edgy back/headrest with the curvy arms and legs. They are speaking to me....

Find them here

These chairs (below) are oh so lovely. They may or may not be antiques as the seller describes them, but lovely all the same. SIDEBAR - all sellers describe anything made pre-1980 as an antique so be sure to evaluate the situation for yourself. The wood is gorgeous so all you would need to do is reupholster the seats to match your decor and maybe a few touch ups on the wood. It doesn't look like there is any piping on the seat cushions which is key if you are doing it yourself. Well if you're me anyway; YOU may be an incredible seamstress/upholster and totally dominate anything standing in your way. But if you're like me, look for upholstery projects that do not require piping although sometimes it's worth it to have it done professionally.

Available here.

Why do I have such an affinity for chairs?? I am always drawn to them. I have plenty of seating in my home but I still want more. Emily Henderson and I might fight over this chair - I know she has an affinity for all things eclectic and I'm pretty sure her favorite color is blue. I want to plan a whole room around this one blue velvet chair...I don't even want to change it and that's never the case with me. I love the color and the tufting; maybe for my future library where I'm surrounded by black bookshelves from floor to ceiling...YES.

Available here.

And there is only one thing you need to notice about these beauties - huge brass nail heads.

Available here.

Now someone please kindly purchase the first chairs for me. I NEED them.

Aren't you lucky, my pets? Three posts in one day. See I do love you.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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