Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Loving pink.

My husband keeps asking me what I would like for Valentine's Day. Here it is, for Valentine's Day I want this room from Better Homes and Gardens for its awesome embrace of PINK. It's the perfect amount of bohemian chic. You can click on the link above to find sources for some of the pink bedding. I need to know where to get that side table!

here is another lovely pink room that you can read about on Kelly Market:

SIDEBAR -- You should check out High Gloss Magazine that launched yesterday. I glanced through it and saw lots of pretty inspiration; and it certainly is glossy! I also found a new friend at Kelly Market so be sure to check out her lovely blog.



  1. Hi Jennifer! Great picks - perfect for February. Have you seen the cover of the March issue of House Beautiful? A lovely pink room : )

    xo KO

  2. Hi Kelly! No, I have not! Hopefully HB will be in my mailbox tonight. I'll have to do a follow-up post on it. Thanks for the suggestion.