Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Thank goodness it is Friday! I struggled all week with an awful cold that is finally relenting. I had energy yesterday for the first time all week and picked up these funky guys from CraigsList. (that's when you know you're feeling better)

Fun right? And they are huge! I love the shape. They are brassy metal so I might have to paint them something really bold and it might be fun to have mirrors cut to replace the glass; definitely an easy project for down the road.

In the mean time though I've got something else on my mind. I'll give you a hint:

Don't recognize this? I don't either but I will soon enough.
We leave for Munich on Sunday! It's a very spontaneous trip that came up with hub's work and I had to tag along! I know no German and know nothing about Germany. Give me France, Spain or Italy and I could totally handle myself, but I'm really not sure what to expect EXCEPT for awesomeness. Hubs spent 6 months there in college and his mom taught German for 32 years so luckily I have the best kind of tour guide! So if you don't hear from me for a while that is why.

I've also got a new painting to post that I am donating to the Blockhouse Steeplechase to be auctioned off the day before the big event. I've never had a piece auctioned so I'm anxious to see how this goes! I'll try to post the picture before we leave.


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