Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A different kind of bouquet

My dear friend, Amanda, got married this past weekend and I was her Maid (I mean Matron - I guess) of Honor! So I was in charge of the rehearsal bouquet. I didn't want to do ribbons or flowers and got to thinking about something unique so I came up with a new idea! I had Cupcake on King Street in Charleston make 17 cupcake pops with letters that read "soon to be Mrs. Wicker" These pops are similar to a blow pop but a round cupcake with white chocolate icing on a stick. I used a round piece of florist foam and flowers to create the masterpiece.

And here is the bride-to-be with her cupcake bouquet! Everyone LOVED it, especially once they found out they could eat it!

The pops were a huge hit and were gone as soon as the rehearsal finished - they were amazing by the way. You have got to try these if you are in Charleston. I ordered vanilla cake with white chocolate but I'm sure they are all delicious. It was the start to a great weekend with a beautiful wedding and amazing reception with lots of dancing and celebrating!

BTW - sorry I've been totally MIA lately! Things were hectic with the big wedding in Charleston and hubs left for a boys skiing trip today. I'm hoping to finish up a new painting tonight that I am donating for the Blockhouse Steeplechase. I'll be sure to post pictures of it soon!


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