Friday, March 11, 2011

black windows...

This image from Lonny makes me want to cover every window in my home with a quick coat of black lacquer; except there's nothing quick about painting windows (unfortunately).

These windows are bad arse.....but since I have no patience for painting windows and no budget for repainting windows that we just painted a year ago I may have to settle with a shiny black lacquer for my front door. I took Buddy (my dog that is pure awesomeness) on a walk this morning before work and all I could think about was how much I hate my white front door. It needs a pop of color. I previously wanted to paint it red since hubs vetoed blue, but now I can't get black out of my head.

Speaking of windows, we need new ones! Hopefully in black, but I digress. Does anyone know a good place in the Upstate for windows? We would like to replace them sometime in the next year. It's amazing how drafty they are.

Thank goodness it is Friday! Hubs is off skiing with boys and I have a whole weekend in town with no commitments. That's crazy talk. Maybe I can actually do some home projects or yard work but I don't know because I'm not making any commitments...


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